The Patent Cooperation Treaty is signed.

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Battle of the Vikhra River: The Principality of Smolensk is defeated by the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and becomes its vassal.
April 29, 1386 events
Battle of Chalons: Flavius Aetius' battles Attila the Hun. After the battle, which was inconclusive, Attila retreats, causing the Romans to interpret ...
events June 20, 451
Nanboku-chō: Emperor Go-Kameyama abdicates in favor of rival claimant Go-Komatsu.
October 21, 1392 events
Panagis Tsaldaris becomes the 142nd Prime Minister of Greece.
events November 3, 1932
The Don't Make A Wave Committee, a fledgling environmental organization founded in Canada in 1971, officially changes its name to "Greenpeace Foundati ...
May 4, 1972 events
The Battle of Göllheim is fought between Albert I of Habsburg and Adolf of Nassau-Weilburg.
events July 2, 1298
The Battle of Savenay: a decisive defeat of the royalist counter-revolutionaries in War in the Vendée during the French Revolution.
December 23, 1793 events
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